RTInsights.com (RTI) is a fast growing independent website that provides insight from industry analysts, consultants, and practitioners into the business impact of real-time analytics, industrial IoT and cognitive computing. The RTI website helps visitors understand the value of fast, actionable data and unravel an array of approaches, vendors, and solutions.

Topics covered on RTI include:

  • Blockchain
  • Cloud computing
  • Edge Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Enterprise IoT platforms
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Customer Experience Management


The RTI website provides a hub for news, in-depth features, special reports, and videos to over 15,000 operating executives, CXOs, architects, and data scientists a month. An additional 8,000 are reached via an opt-in subscription-based newsletter and social channels.

Marketing Opportunities

RTInsights.com offers sponsors an integrated mix of content marketing solutions that help educate and inspire potential buyers and are aligned with the sponsor’s specific goals, such as thought leadership, brand awareness, and lead generation.

Our opportunities include:

Content Development and Promotion

  • Case Studies
  • Special Reports
  • Turnkey Video Production and Promotion

RTInsights.com Sponsorships

  • Exclusive Topic Sponsorships
  • Sponsored Blogs
  • Content Hubs

To learn more about our marketing opportunities and to view sample work and case studies, please contact us at engage@rtinsights.com