OLAP: The Key to Efficient, Scalable,Cost-Effective Data Lake Analytics

For decades, businesses have turned to online analytical process (OLAP) tools to help extract and analyze data. In fact, OLAP has been around so long that OLAP-based solutions may seem almost dated at this point.

In reality, however, OLAP remains as relevant and valuable as ever – at least for businesses that leverage modern OLAP tools, meaning those that can integrate with scalable, cloud-centric environments and resources. When deployed as an analytics solution for cloud-based data lakes, OLAP plays a central role in helping to optimize data analytics performance, manage data quality, minimize the cost of data operations, and, ultimately, derive the most value from large-scale data sets with the least effort.

In this special report, sponsored by Kyligence, you’ll learn:

  • How OLAP has evolved to meet the data analytics needs of the cloud age
  • The specific benefits OLAP delivers as a solution for data lake analytics
  • What to look for when evaluating modern, cloud-friendly OLAP solutions

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