O’Reilly eBook: Learning and Operating Presto

Presto is one of the fastest growing open source projects in data analytics today because it fits well with that data-driven paradigm shift. Three primary reasons include:

  • Presto is based on ANSI SQL so it’s easy for people to get running with it.
  • The Presto connector architecture enables the federated access of almost any data source, whether a database, data lake, or other data system.
  • Presto can start from one node and scale to thousands. As such, there is now an energized community around Presto, having started with the Facebook Presto team, and having grown to hundreds of contributors around the world.

While Presto adoption has been nothing but amazing, there’s still many more people who want to get started with Presto.

Learn what you need to get started using Presto and getting Presto into a production deployments.

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