Are you an expert on IoT, real-time analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, big data, or cognitive computing? We welcome executives, analysts, practitioners, and other experts who want to contribute their original knowledge, passion, and wisdom to help enlighten our community.

On RTInsights, your words will reach a highly engaged network of CxOs, operations executives, and other IT and sector professionals and decision makers.

Our focus includes Internet of Things (IoT), Real-Time Analytics, and the entire Big Data ecosystem (Think: anyone that moves, analyzes, processes, secures and stores the data critical to digital transformation).

We also cover the enabling technologies of these areas, including Decision Management, Edge Computing, Event Streaming Processing, Machine Learning, Cognitive Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and any other critical technologies for real-time operations.

Finally, we always welcome use-cases across any sectors focused on applications such as predictive maintenance and customer experience.

Please contact editor-in-chief Salvatore Salamone for more information or to pitch your idea. Our submission guidelines are below. The best approach is to send an email with a proposed article topic, a short description (one or two sentences) about how the article will cover the topic, author name, and author bio. Download 2023 Editorial Calendar.

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Article Submission Guidelines

1. BE ORIGINAL: We welcome original bylined articles from end-user practitioners, independent analysts and consultants, researchers, academics and ecosystem executives. Note: Our audience reacts differently to seeing a marketing, product management or sales cycle than to other titles, so please consider that in you or your team contribution.

2. ASK FIRST: Before writing your article, please contact Salvatore Salamone, Editor-in-chief to pitch your story idea.

3. NO SALES: Articles must be written from an independent viewpoint—with no mention of company, products, or services. We will edit out vendor and product mentions at our discretion, including the removal of embedded links.

4. BE FOCUSED: Ideal and successful articles focus on market trends and research, insightful commentary, real-world applications (i.e., case studies or customer success stories), or advancements in technology.

5. NEUTRAL TONE: We don’t want you to tame your passion on your subject, but we suggest keeping the tone neutral. This increases an author’s thought leadership on the subject matter.

6. BE REAL-TIME: We like overall trend articles focused on our area of focus, but articles should have a “real-time” angle in mind. We define “real-time” as the time frame from receipt of data, analysis of that data, and presentation of possible outcomes. The decision process could be instantaneous (i.e. machine to machine) or could be the presentation of data for action to an operator in an industrial process within a time latency of several minutes.

7. LENGTH TARGET: The sweet spot for articles is between 1,000 and 2,000 words. 

8. SUBMISSION FORMAT: Microsoft Word via email is preferred.

9: AUTHOR INFO: We expect the author to be a real-time analytics expert (verifiable with a LinkedIn profile that demonstrates expertise in the real-time market). The author must also have a collection of published articles on the topic and an online presence. With your first submission, please include the following:

  • a brief author bio (150 words or less)
  • author email address for public posting
  • a high-resolution, color headshot of the author
  • Social media handles for the author and company, especially Twitter and LinkedIn

10: PHOTOS AND GRAPHICS: Relevant photos and graphics that enhance the message of the article are encouraged for each submission. The best formats are high-resolution, color JPEG files (.jpg).

Graphics can be embedded within your Word document to show desired placement, but they should always be sent as an e-mail attachment as well. And you will need cleared rights and a source for all photos or they will not be used.

11. TIMELINE FOR PUBLISHING: Once we receive a draft of an article, it typically takes between three to six weeks to review, prep, and schedule for posting. 

12. SOCIAL MEDIA: We expect all contributors to our network to follow our social media channels with their own accounts and/or their company’s accounts. We will follow back. And please subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

13: HELP US AMPLIFY: We will let you know when we publish your article. We hope you will amplify it through your own social media, newsletter, etc channels, too.

14: THE FINAL WORD: RTInsights maintains final editorial control of all articles, including main copy, links, photos, graphics, SEO and social media copy.

Good writing!