A Different Way of Thinking About Streaming Data Applications

While organizations rely on data analytics for a wide range of capabilities, these systems typically are unable to keep up with the speed of business. That’s because analytics systems have traditionally looked back at data on what has happened, versus what is happening at the moment.

The challenge with today’s massive transactional and big data systems is leading to the next revolution in analytics: leveraging data streams to execute logic in real time, to provide visibility to understand what customers need, the locations of people and assets, and conditions that are changing. Such real-time visibility enables organizations to significantly optimize costs, increase revenues, and reduce risks.

In this webinar, Jeremy Custenborder, principle systems engineer with Nstream, joins RTInsights host Joe McKendrick to discuss a new, simple way to build streaming applications.

From this session, you will learn:
•    What’s holding organizations back from real-time data streaming?
•    What needs to be designed and configured within existing infrastructures to get the most from real-time streaming?
•    Real-life examples of real-time data streaming and analysis

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