Event Processing in Practice Issue I

In today’s fast-paced environment, business and IT executives must react quickly to constant changes in their markets and operations.

Event Processing in Practice Issue II

The Many Faces of Real-Time Business Insights Complex event processing (CEP) is an evolving technology that is being used to automate and improve a myriad of computing processes and applications.

IBM Big Data and Analytics – Financial Performance Management

Deliver detailed analysis and reports based on real-time data toenable more informed decisions.

IBM Big Data and Analytics – Marketing and Sales

Target the right customers with predictive modeling. Identify dissatisfied customers by uncovering patterns of behavior.

TIBCO Event Processing

Why store data to find out what happened or what could have beenwhen you can act on events as they occur?.

Intelligent Business Operations

Gain unprecedented real-time visibility into your systems. Analyze and act on big data and streaming data from anywhere.