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An Introduction to Revenue Monitoring

For any kind of business, revenue is the mother of all metrics. Whether you're monitoring KPIs related to customer experience, digital partners, cloud costs, affiliates or retention, the common pathway of them all is impact on revenue. But …

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Analyzing Sensor Data in Real-Time

The volume of sensor data being generated is rapidly increasing. This data can be used to gain valuable insights into various systems, such as monitoring the health of industrial equipment, tracking the movement of vehicles, and detecting patterns …

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Making Mainframe Data Part of Modern Analytics and Reporting Data Pipelines

Everywhere one looks, there is talk these days of businesses being data-driven. Yet, a survey of 1,163 organizations by the Cloud Security Alliance found that the majority consider most of their enterprises’ data to be “dark data,” or …

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Mainframe Data for Cloud Analytics

Businesses today need to access the data on their mainframes to unlock that data’s value. In particular, there is great value to be gained if the data can be made accessible to data consumers in the lines of business, data analysts, and data …

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Unlocking Mainframe Data to Fuel Business Transformation

To keep up and modernize operations, it is increasingly critical for businesses to be able to easily utilize mainframe data alongside all other data within an organization’s system. Speed is essential today. Market conditions change rapidly. …

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Critical Elements for Implementing Self-Service BI Analytics

Businesses today have vast amounts of data from different sources that are a potential gold mine if analyzed. In the past, C-level and other executives relied on data analysts and data scientists to deliver insights via dashboards, reports, or …

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OLAP: The Key to Efficient, Scalable,Cost-Effective Data Lake Analytics

For decades, businesses have turned to online analytical process (OLAP) tools to help extract and analyze data. In fact, OLAP has been around so long that OLAP-based solutions may seem almost dated at this point. In reality, however, OLAP …

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How Operational Intelligence Unlocks Business Value from Streaming Data

For businesses to succeed today, getting timely insights and taking action quickly are critical. Gartner has observed that there are “increasing business demands for situation awareness in daily operations, and the need to sense and respond to …

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Change the service game with connected products (White Paper)

Machine builders and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), particularly those with globally-distributed fleets, are facing the ‘yin and yang’ of growth and competition. On one hand, it’s easier than ever to enter the global market, …

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Generating New Revenue Streams with Equipment as a Service (Webinar)

Have you ever wished that you can generate recurring revenue and secure your business relationships for the long-term? In this webinar for machine manufacturers, sponsored by Siemens, you'll learn how Siemens' Equipment as a Service solution can …

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Equipment as a service: Answering OEM questions (eBook)

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) need new ways to grow revenue and differentiate themselves as the state of the industry evolves with new technologies. As consumer demands and expectations grow, manufacturers urgently need to embrace …