Cybersecurity for the Intelligent Edge Video Series

74% of business executives report that their IoT risk management programs are failing to keep pace with the risks posed by the ubiquitous use of IoT devices both internally and externally. [1] At the same time, the number of installed IoT devices is expected to double from 31 billion currently to 75 billion in 2025. [2]

The task of creating a policy and ensuring security can seem daunting, especially when it comes to designing cybersecurity into devices and systems at the edge. What does the journey look like? What are the best practices for implementing a security policy? Where do you begin?

Learn what you need to know to secure your embedded security system in this fast-paced micro video series with Arlen Baker, Wind River Principal Security Architect. Each day, over the course of a week, we’ll send you a video in the series.

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