How Operational Intelligence Unlocks Business Value from Streaming Data

For businesses to succeed today, getting timely insights and taking action quickly are critical. Gartner has observed that there are “increasing business demands for situation awareness in daily operations, and the need to sense and respond to emerging situations more quickly.”

This eBook, sponsored by Netspring, explains what business-centric operational intelligence means, how it works, why it’s critical, and how to implement it in your organization. Operational intelligence, fueled by streaming data, can serve as a powerful extension of your data management strategy.

Even if you already have conventional data analytics processes or solutions in place, such as business intelligence tools, you’ll learn how operational intelligence allows you to double down on the business value you can derive from your data. At the same time, operational intelligence processes that are aligned with business needs can help you drive value from data more efficiently and at a larger scale than ever before.

Download now to understand:

  • What operational intelligence is and why not all operational intelligence solutions are created equal
  • Who needs business-centric operational intelligence, and how they use it
  • What the essential elements of an operational intelligence platform are
  • Use cases for business-centric operational intelligence

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