Mainframe Data for Cloud Analytics

Businesses today need to access the data on their mainframes to unlock that data’s value.

In particular, there is great value to be gained if the data can be made accessible to data consumers in the lines of business, data analysts, and data scientists who rely on cloud analytics platforms for their analytics and reporting efforts.

In this webinar from StreamSets, Bloor Research examines the latest trends in cloud data analytics and the value of including enterprise mainframe data. They also explore the challenges to data sharing such as unique data formats, security, business continuity, and data drift.

Bloor Research Analyst Daniel Howard and Software AG discuss:

  • Why you should care about the latest trends in data analytics
  • What criteria to use when selecting a data integration solution
  • No-code options to modernize your mainframe data to be analytics-ready

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mainframe data for cloud analytics

Learn More:

StreamSets Mainframe Collector is a tool that provides connectivity to mainframe and legacy-oriented systems, formatting, and presentation of the data, and movement of data to cloud data & analytics platforms.

The mainframe data security rules can be easily adopted and extended through the presentation layer for data governance and protection. It was originally developed by CONNX Solutions, a company that was acquired by Software AG in 2016.