Making Mainframe Data Part of Modern Analytics and Reporting Data Pipelines

Everywhere one looks, there is talk these days of businesses being data-driven. Yet, a survey of 1,163 organizations by the Cloud Security Alliance found that the majority consider most of their enterprises’ data to be “dark data,” or basically data overlooked by analytic applications and processes.

Far too often, mainframe data is excluded entirely from analytics and reporting because it’s just too hard to access. There are several reasons why access has not been so easy to come by. These systems are usually responsible for mission-critical business operations and require the highest level of security.

Because of these concerns, data requests are commonly managed tactically as a one-off request. Analysts are given access to a narrow or limited dataset which is delivered to them in a file that was extracted from the mainframe. The data isn’t refreshed and quickly becomes out of date.

It is possible though to unlock mainframe data without ceding control.

In this eBook, sponsored by StreamSets, you’ll learn about:

  • The demands of modern reporting and analytics and need for mainframe data in the mix.
  • The challenges of accessing that data
  • How StreamSets, a Software AG company, eliminates data integration friction in complex hybrid environments

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