Putting Industrial IoT on the Fast Track

IoT engagements need not be onerous, long-term projects. They can be rapidly deployable, ready to start immediately collecting data from devices, systems, sensors, and other sources both inside and outside the enterprise. The technology needs to be automatically interoperable with all systems and technologies involved. The IoT network needs to be easily “plugged into” existing enterprise infrastructures – to deliver outcomes including faster time to value, increased productivity, greater efficiency, reduced costs, and increased compliance.

In this informative webcast, Bill Podrasky, senior manager of go-to-market specialist for IoT with Amazon Web Services, and Ricky Singh, vice president of IoT-Americas with Software AG, joins our host Joe McKendrick to discuss ways to put industrial IoT on the fast track to success.

From this session, you will learn:

•    What stage are we at now with IoT, and what results have businesses been seeing in terns of growth, return on investment and resiliency?
•    What inherent issues continue to hold IoT back from delivering on its full potential?
•    How can organizations of all sizes scale IoT to deliver maximum benefits?
•    What’s the next phase hold for industrial IoT?

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