The Need for Stream Processing and Real-Time Action

The world beyond batch processing is promising, opening up countless possibilities for the ambitious and visionary. When else have people across organizations been able to establish systems that instantly respond to customer interactions, market fluctuations, IoT data in the field, and constantly updating regulatory environments… at scale?

With stream processing taking action on the constant flow of real-time data, enterprise architects and senior technical leadership can shift their strategies and operations toward real-time responsiveness to deliver better customer experiences, handle disruptive fluctuations in demand, and even save lives.

These new opportunities are all the more important with ongoing economic uncertainty and a tough labor market that restricts even the most generous of organizations from hiring the data analysts and tech-savvy knowledge workers they need to perform analysis and make data-driven decisions.

In this RTInsights eBook, sponsored by Hazelcast, you’ll learn about:

  • The value of real-time action including its challenges and benefits
  • How stream processing is used in financial services, retail, and healthcare
  • The must-have qualities of your stream processing platform

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stream processing and real-time action