The RTInsights Guide to Streaming Analytics

The RTInsights Guide to Streaming Analytics

You worry that all your competitors are already using streaming analytics. You know essential insights are falling through your fingertips, but your infrastructure can’t move fast enough. You’ve watched streaming analytics projects crash and burn because your people can’t agree on how to think and solve problems asynchronously.

Wherever you are in your streaming analytics journey, you’re not alone.

Not with the fear of missing out on streaming analytics, and especially not with the lack of flow between company culture, technology, and genuine business problems.

Lots of companies are hesitant to implement this requisite alternative to traditional business analytics because of how complex an implementation seems to be.

But getting these disparate processes and requirements to “speak” together isn’t impossible.

You just need to know which questions to ask. Like:

  • Is our company culture ready for thinking at the pace of streaming?
  • What does a return on investment in streaming analytics really mean?
  • Do we need analytics in the cloud, at the edge, or both?
  • Are we looking to identify customer trends, improve existing business processes, or something else entirely?

In the RTInsights Guide to Streaming Analytics, powered by insights direct from the RTInsights community, you’ll find answers to those questions and more, plus insights how to squash the challenges that bring down “status quo” streaming analytics projects:

  • How to identify and prepare for when company culture is going to eat your streaming strategy for breakfast.
  • Real-world use cases and success of streaming analytics to inspire your next pitch to your non-technical peers and business leadership.
  • Details on the mental/cultural transition required to stop playing it safe with your tech and focus on solving business problems, not just delivering IT assets.

Insights into the main technical approaches to implementing streaming analytics, from DIY to home-grown to dedicated cloud, and a useful at-a-glance list of technical must-haves, like low latency and analytics at the edge.

The call for streaming analytics is only going to get louder. And the fear of missing out on streaming analytics is real now that 48% of mid- to large-size companies are analyzing data in-stream before storing it.

That’s why we tapped into the experiences of the RTInsights community, who have already seen all the ways a streaming analytics effort can end, good and bad, to create this new guide.

Because getting caught up doesn’t work without first building up a foundation around instantaneous thinking and cross-team partnership around solving complex business problems.

Without the confidence that foundation creates, even the best technology leadership—those who know how to manage scope and drive their people to deliver great infrastructure—will continue to suffer from streaming indecision.

That’s why we’re paying it forward to help you put all the clashes around technology and culture behind you, and set you up for success on your next streaming analytics initiative. So you can be the one who blows everyone’s minds by knowing all the right questions and seeing the potential flaws well before anyone else.

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