Unlocking Mainframe Data to Fuel Business Transformation

To keep up and modernize operations, it is increasingly critical for businesses to be able to easily utilize mainframe data alongside all other data within an organization’s system.

Speed is essential today. Market conditions change rapidly. New opportunities are emerging all the time.

To meet rapidly changing demands and to afford the required flexibility and scalability, businesses have embraced the cloud for new applications and data analytics platforms.

An organization’s data is its greatest asset, but depending on where that data is housed, it can also hold businesses back. Mainframe environments limit data access to key players, preventing companies from being agile when it matters most.

To advance, modernize, and digitize operations, businesses must be able to easily utilize mainframe data alongside all other data within an organization’s system. As more companies move to the cloud, the limitations of mainframe data systems will become detrimental. Companies that successfully integrate valuable mainframe and legacy data with cloud-based data will have a clear competitive advantage.

The mainframe is still in use in almost three-quarters of Fortune 500 companies. It is used for almost all credit card transactions and for over two-thirds of production IT workloads, according to a September 2022 report by Bloor Research.

“The fact remains that a lot of important business data for the largest companies is still stored and processed on the mainframe. Even if the end-user interaction is on a mobile phone, a lot of the data
involved may derive ultimately from the mainframe,” according to the report.

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