Unravel Cloud Migration Assessment Sample Report

Get a glimpse into the insights and recommendations that Unravel provides to ensure a successful migration to Microsoft Azure or AWS in this sample report.

The Unravel Cloud Assessment is a software based solution for assessing and planning a Cloudera, Hortonworks or MapR cloud migration project that can help accelerate project timelines, reduce migration costs, and reduce business risk.

The assessment helps with:

  • Cluster Discovery – automated discovery of data infrastructure and application performance and reliability metrics
  • Performance Baselining of current data ecosystem, applications, and workflows
  • Identifying most suitable apps to migrate to the cloud
  • Optimal Cloud Topology – providing data-driven insights to create the optimal cloud topology that matches your specific technical and business goals
  • Comparing Costs for different cloud options and recommendations for specific instance types, cluster sizing and storage
  • Validating your success by comparing application performance before and after the migration