Why Connectivity is the Key to Manufacturing Digital Transformation

Siloed operations are a thing of the past in manufacturing. Today, information exchange is paramount to agile responses, cost reduction, and improved efficiencies.

Forward-thinking manufacturers are embracing advanced technologies like IIoT, predictive analytics, and digital twins. They merge OT and IT systems, creating a unified whole.

But a crucial roadblock remains: data sharing across organizational boundaries.

Researchers from the Industry 4.0 Maturity Center and Aachen University discovered that most factories lack capabilities in IT systems, resources, structure, and culture. To overcome this, companies need a technical backbone, capability building, and organizational transformation.

The key lies in data democratization, ensuring broad accessibility to data. Yet, traditional connectivity architectures hinder scalability, limiting data sharing and analysis.

Manufacturers can simplify and standardize with a scalable connectivity solution that effortlessly connects your entire factory ecosystem.

Download this white paper, sponsored by PTC, to discover how seamless connectivity revitalizes operations, enhances product quality, and gives you a competitive edge in the digital age.

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