Embedded Analytics: the Future of Business Intelligence

embedded analytics on smartphone

Where to perform analytics? How about inside the business application:

It’s not enough for organizations to use BI tools in their business. They need to act on that insight. Enriched core business applications with embedded analytics are helping users act fast with timely insights.

One of the best ways for business professionals to interact with data is through other applications and services they use, whether enterprise resource planning or customer-relationship management systems. “Rather than switch to separate applications, users find value in having BI and analytics tightly integrated with point applications that are dedicated to their roles and responsibilities,” explains TDWI.

In a recent survey, TDWI noted that respondents overwhelmingly sought such embedded functionality—45 percent said it was very important and 40 percent said it was somewhat important.

In this free report, you’ll learn:

  • How embedded analytics help maintain the business context for data and analysis to broaden the reach and improve the timeliness of insights.
  • Why organizations in every industry are increasingly embedding analytical output into business applications.
  • The challenges and opportunities of BI.
  • The key business and technical considerations for embedding analytics into an application.

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