The RTInsights Team

Les Yeamans

RTInsights Founder and Executive Editor

Les Yeamans

Les Yeamans is a business entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience developing and managing successful companies in the enterprise software, financial services, strategic consulting and Internet publishing markets. Before founding RTInsights, Les founded and led, an Internet portal company specializing in the application of critical enterprise technologies including BPM, event-driven architectures, and event processing. When was acquired TechTarget, Les became Associate Publisher, managing a group of websites.

Previously, Les had founded a new enterprise software business called ezBridge which provided fault-tolerant, guaranteed delivery transaction messaging on 10 different hardware platforms. This product was licensed to IBM as the initial code base for IBM MQSeries (renamed WebSphere MQ and later renamed IBM MQ, which was co-developed and co-marketed with IBM.

Les was also co-founder of the Message Oriented Middleware Association (MOMA). Les has worked extensively as an analyst and consultant for end users and vendors in this growing market.

Prior to ezBridge, Les raised venture capital for development and marketing of PowerBase, the industry-leading database software package for the IBM PC. He started his career consulting at Accenture, providing end-user IT solutions.

Les has an MBA from the University of Michigan and a BA from the State University of New York at Binghamton. He is based in New Rochelle, NY.

Salvatore Salamone

RTInsights Editor in Chief

Salvatore Salamone

Salvatore Salamone is a physicist by training who has been writing about science and information technology for more than 30 years. During that time, he has been a senior or executive editor at many industry-leading publications including High Technology, Network World, Byte Magazine, Data Communications, LAN Times, InternetWeek, Bio-IT World, and Lightwave, The Journal of Fiber Optics. He also is the author of three business technology books.

Sal has been a frequent speaker at industry conferences and has helped organize and conduct industry roundtable discussions and conference tracks on a variety of topics. He has run panels and made presentations at numerous Interop, ComNet, CeBIT, and Comdex conferences. Sal also worked on, judged, and ran “Best of Show” awards programs at these trade shows.

Joe McKendrick

RTInsights Industry Insights Editor

Joe McKendrick

Joe McKendrick is an author, independent researcher, and speaker. He regularly contributes to Forbes and Harvard Business Review on digital transformation, cloud, and Big Data topics. He also contributes to CBS Interactive, where Joe authors ZDNet’s Service Oriented website.

Joe served on the program committee of the international SOA and Cloud Symposium series held in Amsterdam, Berlin, and London. Much of his research work is in conjunction with Forbes Insights and Information Today, Inc., covering topics such as cloud computing, digital transformation, enterprise mobility, and Big Data analytics.

Previously, he served as Communications and Research Manager of the Administrative Management Society (AMS), an international professional association dedicated to advancing knowledge in IT and business management. He is a graduate of Temple University.

Follow him on Twitter @joemckendrick.
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Dan Kirsch

Principal analyst of RTInsights

Dan Kirsch is a consultant, IT industry analyst, and thought leader focused on how emerging technologies such as AI, machine learning and advanced analytics are impacting businesses. Dan is focused on how businesses use these emerging technologies to alter their approaches to information security, governance, risk and ethics. Dan provides advisory services directly to leadership at technology vendors that design and deliver security solutions to the market.

Dan previously co-founded Techstrong Research, an industry analyst and consulting company, and was the managing director of Hurwitz & Associated.

Dan is a co-author of Causal Artificial Intelligence: The Next Step in Effective Business AI (John Wiley & Sons 2023), Augmented Intelligence: The Business Power of Human-Machine Collaboration (CRC Press, 2020), Cloud for Dummies (John Wiley & Sons 2020) and Hybrid Cloud for Dummies (John Wiley & Sons, 2012).

You can reach Dan at [email protected].

Dr. Opher Etzion

RTInsights International Technology Editor

Dr. Opher Etzion

Dr. Opher Etzion is a scholar, author and innovator. A professor of Information Systems and Head of the Technological Empowerment Institute in Yezreel Valley College Israel, Opher has served in various prominent roles in almost two decades at IBM, most recently as Chief Scientist of Event Processing at the IBM Haifa Research Lab

A former Lead Architect of Event Processing Technology in IBM Websphere, Opher led pioneering projects that shaped the field of event processing in their research division. Opher is also the founding chair of the Event Processing Technical Society (EPTS) and an adjunct professor at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, where he was the founding head of the Information Systems Engineering department.

He has authored many papers and is also the co-author with Peter Niblett of the book Event Processing in Action. Opher has also won several prestigious awards over the years including the Israel Air-Force Award for Introduction of New Technologies, IBM Outstanding Innovation Award, and the IBM Corporate Award for groundbreaking work on event processing. He is based in Haifa, Israel.

Follow him on Twitter @opheretzion.

Nanci Brown

RTInsights Technology and Marketing Services Director

Nanci Brown

Nanci Brown has been delivering technical, project and program management solutions for over 15 years. She has particular expertise in WordPress, cloud-based technology, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and digital media. Using her master communication, leadership, and team-building skills, Nanci produces client-facing interactive marketing programs including webcasts and online virtual trade shows.

Nanci has worked with a wide range of clients including Cisco Systems, Intel, Red Hat, Tech Data Corporation, SWIFT, The Economist, Martha Stewart Omnimedia, and the U.S. Department of State.

Nanci is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and is currently completing an MBA program (Fall 2015). She is based in Toronto, Ontario.

Adrian Bowles

RTInsights Executive Analyst

Adrian Bowles

Adrian Bowles is the founder of STORM Insights, Inc., a research and market intelligence firm focused on the role of emerging technologies in business transformation.

Adrian has over 25 years of experience as an analyst, practitioner and academic in IT strategy and management. He founded the Governance, Risk Management & Compliance Roundtable for the Object Management Group, the IT Compliance Institute with 101 Communications, and Atelier Research.

He has held executive positions at Ovum (Datamonitor), Giga Information Group, New Science Associates, and Yourdon, Inc. Adrian also held academic appointments in computer science at the State University of New York at Binghamton and Drexel University. He wrote his first AI application for his M.S. degree and holds a Ph.D in computer science from Northwestern University. He began his career with research and application development roles at GTE Laboratories and IBM.

Adrian is co-author with Judith S. Hurwitz of Cognitive Computing and Big Data Analytics (2015).

RTInsights Experts

Dr. Pedro Bizarro

Dr. Pedro Bizarro

Dr. Pedro Bizarro is a recognized researcher in Complex Event Processing (CEP) and a founding member of the Event Processing Technical Society. An expert and frequent speaker in the CEP space, Pedro has lectured at leading universities including Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Coimbra, Portugal.

Pedro holds a PhD from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Dr. Barry Devlin

Barry Devlin

Dr. Barry Devlin is a founder of the data warehousing industry, defining its first architecture in 1985. A foremost authority on business intelligence (BI), big data and beyond, he is respected worldwide as a visionary and thought-leader in the evolving industry. Barry has authored two ground-breaking books: the classic “Data Warehouse–from Architecture to Implementation” and “Business unIntelligence–Insight and Innovation Beyond Analytics and Big Data” in 2013.

Barry has over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, previously with IBM, as a consultant, manager and distinguished engineer. As founder and principal of 9sight Consulting in 2008. Barry provides strategic consulting and thought leadership to buyers and vendors of BI and Big Data solutions. He is an associate editor of TDWI’s Journal of Business Intelligence, and a regular keynote speaker, teacher and writer on all aspects of information creation and use. Barry operates worldwide from Cape Town, South Africa. Barry is also founder and principal of 9sight Consulting and a regular contributor to BeyeNETWORK, TDWI, and more. He is based in Cape Town, South Africa and operates worldwide.

Justin Grammens

RTInsights Industry Analyst

Justin Grammens

Justin Grammens is a serial entrepreneur and proven leader in emerging technologies. He owns IoT Weekly, a news publication covering trends on the Internet of Things, consults businesses on their IoT strategy, and is a professor at the University of Saint Thomas where he teaches a graduate level engineering course on the Internet of Things.

He co-launched @IoTHackDay in 2014 as Minnesota’s first Internet of Things Hack Day where inventors compete to build connected products in 12 hours. He co-founded both Arduino.MN and IoT Fuse, a non-profit organization to help align the world toward a vision of how connected devices and data can be used to improve the world in which we live through a yearly conference, hackathons and monthly meet-ups.

Justin holds multiple patents with the USPTO, enjoys mentoring students of all ages through CoderDojoTC and MacStartups and is an investor and advisor to a number of companies using mobile, big data and open source hardware technology to build innovative products. He holds a B.A from Augsburg College in Applied Math and Physics and an M.S. in Software Systems from the University of Saint Thomas and is a frequent speaker at countless technology conferences. Most importantly, he enjoys family movie nights with his wife and two young boys.

Pete Harris

Pete Harris

Drawing on more than 40 years of enterprise IT experience, Pete Harris is Principal of Lighthouse Partners, a business and technology consulting firm providing business acceleration services related to transformative enterprise technologies, with specific focuses on go-to-market and growth strategies involving partnerships, thought leadership creation and events.

Pete has worked extensively with high performance cloud, low-latency processing and big fast data technologies, and is currently focused on blockchain, distributed ledger and smart contract technology.

Follow him on Twitter @peteharrislp.

Stephen Hendrick

Stephen Hendrick

Steve Hendrick specializes in application development and management research including DevOps, application management, application platforms, decision analytics, middleware, and the broad spectrum of tools and technologies that support professional developers and IT managers. Steve has over 25 years of experience as an industry analyst and 10 years of experience across a variety of application development roles. Steve brings advanced quantitative and qualitative research techniques to bear as an industry analyst providing vendors with deep insight into markets and has developed research across the entire application development and deployment family of markets. Areas where Steve has pioneered research and thought leadership include DevOps, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Decision Analytics, and Vendor/Buyer Journey research.

Steve was most recently Principal Analyst at Applied Decision Research, a consultancy that supported research and go-to-market needs of software vendors. With experience both as a developer and industry analyst, Steve brings a comprehensive understanding and perspective on the changing needs of developers and the application development industry. Steve is known as a subject matter expert across application development and deployment markets and has authored over 1,000 publications and continues to deliver IT product and market guidance through syndicated research and custom consulting to the world’s leading software vendors and high profile startups.

Prior to founding ADR, Steve was Principal Analyst for application development and deployment research at ESG and a Group Vice President of application development and deployment research at IDC. Steve’s experience in application development was acquired at Chase Manhattan Bank, Interactive Data Corp, Dynamics Associates, and Charles River Associates. Steve received a B.A. in economics from Hartwick College and an M.B.A. from Boston University.

Judith S. Hurwitz

Judith Hurwitz

Judith S. Hurwitz is president and CEO of Hurwitz & Associates, LLC, a research and consulting firm focused on emerging technologies including Big Data, cognitive computing, cloud computing, service management, software development, and security and governance. She is a technology strategist, thought leader and author.

A pioneer in anticipating technology innovation and adoption, she has served as a trusted adviser to many industry leaders over the years. Judith has helped these companies make the transition to a new business model focused on the value of emerging platforms.

Judith has written extensively about all aspects of enterprise and distributed software. Her 2015 book with Adrian Bowles, Cognitive Computing and Big Data Analytics, is the most recent in several titles including Smart or Lucky? How Technology Leaders Turn Chance into Success (2011) and numerous retailFor Dummies books including: Big Data for Dummies, Hybrid Cloud for Dummies, Cloud Computing For Dummies, Service Management For Dummies, and Service Oriented Architecture For Dummies, 1st and 2nd Editions.

Judith holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from Boston University.

David Linthicum

Dave Linthicum

David Linthicum is an internationally known cloud computing visionary, technology innovator and agent of change. David’s industry experience includes tenures as CTO and CEO of several successful public and private software companies, and upper-level management positions in Fortune 100 companies. David has delivered over $2 billion in value by transforming companies from traditional to innovative technologies, moving them to lucrative exits that benefited investors, employees and customers. He is currently senior vice president at Cloud Technology Partners.

Leading technology publications frequently name David among the top enterprise technologists in the world; he was named one of the cloud pioneers by InformationWeek and TechTarget.

David provides core leadership to drive productive use of resources as well as strategic leadership to propel true innovation within ever-changing technology markets. This ability to offer a hybrid leadership approach is a key point of value to David’s clients as he contributes to their projects’ success.

Follow him on Twitter @DavidLinthicum.

Connie Moore

Connie Moore

Connie Moore, a Senior Vice President of Research atDigital Clarity Group (DCG), has unparalleled experience working with executives in business and IT, technology marketing and government—from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to large enterprises across the globe. She has managed international teams of analysts focused on a wide range of technologies including business analytics, business software and business process management (BPM) suites. Her research encompasses business transformation, BPM, customer experience management, information management, new business models and organizational change management.

Prior to DCG, Connie was a Vice President, Principal Analyst and Research Director at Forrester Research for more than 20 years. While there, she pioneered new research on global trends, forecasted and defined the next generation of business suites, and drove innovative dialog among marketing, business process and IT senior executives about how to succeed at large-scale business transformation.

In 2014, she was honored by her peer group for thought leadership in business process transformation, adaptive case management and BPM software when she received the Marvin L. Manheim Award from the Workflow and Reengineering Association (WARIA).

A former Loudoun County Master Gardener intern, Connie holds an MBA in Information Systems from George Washington University and a BA from East Carolina University.

Follow her on Twitter @cmooreclarity.

Nenad Stojanovic

Nenad Stojanovic

Nenad Stojanovic is Head of Research at Nissatech Innovation Centre, a real-time Big Data company. He works on lean startup methodologies for introducing Big Data-driven innovations in industrial settings. He focuses on designing and developing innovative, real-time systems in different application areas by using advanced data processing technologies such as Big Data analytics and Complex Event Processing (CEP) in order to ensure the efficiency, scalability and maintainability of the solutions.

Nenad has been researching and often acting as the project or technical coordinator in many application domains including manufacturing, transportation, logistics, telecommunication and health on various international research and innovation projects. He has extensive experience as a trainer, consultant and innovation analyst, mainly focusing on closing the gap between the technical complexity and business value of cutting-edge technologies. He has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Karlsruhe, Germany.

James Taylor

James Taylor

James Taylor is the CEO of Decision Management Solutions (DMS) and is a leading expert in how to use business rules and analytic technology to build real-time, decision-making systems. He is passionate about using decision management to help companies improve decision making and develop an agile, analytic and adaptive business. He provides strategic consulting to companies of all sizes, working with clients in all sectors to adopt decision-making technology.

James is a faculty member of the International Institute for Analyticsand is the co-author with Tom Debevoise of The MicroGuide to Process and Decision Modeling in BPMN/DMN: Building More Effective Processes by Integrating Process Modeling with Decision Modeling (2014).

He previously wrote Decision Management Systems: A practical guide to using business rules and predictive analytics (IBM Press, 2011) and co-authored with Neil Raden the book Smart (Enough) Systems: How to Deliver Competitive Advantage by Automating Hidden Decisions (Prentice Hall).

James has contributed chapters on decision management to multiple books and has written many magazine articles. He writes a regular blog for DMS entitled “JT on EDM.” James also delivers webinars, workshops and training. He is a regular keynote speaker at conferences around the world.

Follow him on Twitter @jamet123.

Jack Shaw

Jack Shaw

Jack Shaw has been a Technology Futurist for more than 30 years helping others understand the strategic implications of emerging technologies. He’s the author of three books and numerous articles and White Papers.

He has delivered more than 1000 paid keynote addresses and executive presentations in more than 20 countries. He was voted one of the world’s Top 5 Technology Futurist Speakers by over 12,000 meetings planners, executives and conference attendees.

Jack’s clients include IBM, SAP, Oracle, GE, and Coca Cola among hundreds of other businesses and public sector organizations large and small. He is widely recognized for his expertise in such breakthrough business technologies as:

Artificial Intelligence,
3D Printing, and
The Internet of Things

Jack graduated from Yale and has an MBA from Kellogg. He has lived in Atlanta for over 30 years.
He has three children and two grand-children. He enjoys fine dining, good wines, and the exercise he needs to work them off!

Steve Smith

Steve Smith

Steve Smith is a seasoned bankcard executive with international experience and an industry leader in the development and implementation of new business initiatives.

As principal of S. J. Smith & Associates, Steve works with leading card issuers worldwide developing and implementing practical solutions that achieve measurable results in a variety of areas including credit and debit card business strategy, co-branding, product development, marketing strategy, customer and financial management, customer service and sales training. Steve regularly conducts business process reviews to benchmark and assess the full range of card management functions and to install leading edge skills and processes that enhance business results.

Steve conducts innovative seminars worldwide on segmentation, co-branding, generating fee income, and best practices associated with managing the card lifecycle of acquisition, activation, usage and retention. He is author and host of several training videos and his most recent publication is titled, “Marketing Co-branded and Affinity Cards in the US.” Steve has directed the American Banker’s Association Bankcard School at Emory University and taught segmentation and credit and debit card profitability at the Visa Europe Business School at Cambridge University.

Steve earned both an Echo and a Clio award for his work in direct marketing. He was a member of the senior management team at Citibank and was responsible for introducing co-branding with the American Airlines AAdvantage Card. In addition, Steve was the founding Business Manager of Citibank’s bankcard business in Spain, a senior corporate officer responsible for country policy and a Visa España board member.

Tim Vibbert

Tim Vibbert

Tim Vibbert is the Chief Architect for SOA & Cloud Solutions for a large organization. Tim is an internationally recognized industry expert and thought leader with 20 years of experience in the software development and integration industries. Tim’s industry experience includes a tenure as CTO for a consulting firm as well as positions from Enterprise Architect to Chief Engineer for large organizations in several industries.

Follow him on Twitter @soachief.

Lyndsay Wise

Lyndsay Wise

Lyndsay Wise is President and founder of WiseAnalytics, a boutique analyst firm that conducts research and provides advisory services to organizations. She has 15 years of IT experience in business systems analysis, software selection and implementation of enterprise applications. She provides consulting services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and conducts research into leading technologies, market trends, business intelligence (BI) products and vendors, mid-market needs and data visualization.

She is the author of Using Open Source Platforms for Business Intelligence: Avoid Pitfalls and Maximize ROI.

Follow her on Twitter @wiseanalytics.