Our Brain Trust is a circle of evangelists, big thinkers and passionate thought leaders who we want to bring together to help shape the world of real-time, data-driven, actionable insights.

Think of it as the best conference panel you could imagine, a discussion with real takeaways that our enterprise audience — often your customers as well – can use to plot their digital transformation journey.

The best part? Membership is free. But we will expect a contribution from you, in the form of an article every month, or maybe once a quarter, that advances the discussion of our space.

We will be setting up a Slack channel as a forum — meetings will be few, we promise. But our team will prompt the Brain Trust once a month via Slack to talk about what you see as important and that’s missing from the discussion in our arena.

It could be a new wrinkle in your technology, consistent client bottlenecks, other things you’ve learned in hindsight, or where it’s all going next.

We will be arranging networking events, meetups, conference panels, or webinars. We’re not sure how this aspect will play out, because it’ll be up to you to decide the best format, location or timing. Let’s just start with getting the leadership discussion kicked off.

Please reach out to our Editor-in-Chief Trevor Curwin at tcurwin@rtinsights.com to join us.