RTInsights is an independent, expert-driven web resource that is singularly focused on helping senior business and IT professionals accelerate their business with real-time insights.

RTInsights provides a forum for business, IT and research professionals to learn from other people’s experiences, glean insights from independent experts’ opinions, discover new developments, and follow relevant industry and vendor news. We are dedicated to helping you understand what it takes to accelerate your business by transforming your culture, processes and systems to real-time thereby driving significant business value in your organization.

Our technology coverage includes Internet of Things (IoT), Real-Time Analytics, Big Data, Industry Insights, and Enabling Technologies such as Cloud, Decision Management, Edge Computing, Event Streaming Processing, Machine Learning and any other critical technologies for operating your business in real-time. Our in-depth, specialized content is provided by expert analysts, consultants and enterprise practitioners focused on the real-time enterprise.

RTInsights content is displayed in the following departments:

  • Business Strategies presents the customer’s perspective on how other enterprises gained value in a variety of use patterns.
  • Tools and Tactics presents the practitioner’s perspective with best practices and lessons learned from those who develop real-time solutions.
  • Frontline presents the community perspective with provocative blog posts and other articles containing thought-provoking opinions.
  • Industry Insights provides in-depth education about the use of real-time business insights in a particular industry.
  • On the Horizon provides the researcher’s perspective on upcoming research projects and new technologies.
  • News keeps readers abreast of the latest industry developments.

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