CompTIA Forms Data Advisory Council to Advance Data-Driven Business Culture


The new council aims to boost data literacy and provide training resources to empower businesses with skills and tools to use business intelligence (BI) and data analytics.

In a strategic move to bolster data-driven practices within the IT industry, CompTIA has established the CompTIA Community Data Advisory Council. This new council, composed of six experts from various organizations, aims to enhance data literacy and provide valuable training resources aligning with business objectives and initiatives.

Empowering Businesses with Data Analytics

The council’s primary mission is to empower businesses with data analytics and business intelligence tools. By creating resources tailored to managed service providers (MSPs) and other companies, the council aims to enhance the understanding and utilization of data insights. This includes developing best practices for data management and helping organizations grasp new data models and the skills required to maximize business results.

Under the leadership of co-chairs Jill Klein of Sirius, a CDW Company, and Sean Lardo of ConnectWise, the council is poised to provide innovative strategies and resources. The initiative is designed to assist CompTIA Community members in leveraging their data for better decision-making and offering these insights to their customers. The Data Advisory Council’s mission aligns with CompTIA’s broader goals of promoting a data-driven culture that enhances decision-making and organizational performance.

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Collaborating for Industry-Wide Impact

In addition to its primary goals, the Data Advisory Council will collaborate with CompTIA’s other industry advisory councils. This collaboration outlines roles, responsibilities, and processes for effective data management across organizations. By identifying industry trends and refining best practices, the council seeks to open new business opportunities for the channel and advance the adoption of data-driven technologies and frameworks.

The council comprises industry professionals, each bringing their unique expertise to the table. Notable members include MJ Patent of Logically, who will serve as vice chair, alongside Larry Cobrin of MSPCFO, Lisa McGarvey-Capuano of TD SYNNEX, and Callen Sapien of MSPbots. Together, they will focus on advancing education and training, promoting collaboration, and ensuring compliance with data management standards.

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