AI-driven Real-time Decisions in Capital Markets


Investment banks and other financial institutions in the Capital Markets vertical deal with a lot of unstructured files such as PDFs, which contain a tremendous amount of valuable information. Thanks to Large Language Models (LLMs) and GenAI tools, such institutions are now able to leverage such vast volumes of untapped knowledge to make key business decisions in real-time. Watch industry veteran and Chief Analyst at Stratola, Dinesh Chandrasekhar explain the concept of data immediacy and how such new-age tools make it possible.

In this webinar, Dinesh interviews Conor Twomey, Head of AI Strategy at KX, and draws out valuable insights and relevant use cases in this context. Watch this information-packed session to learn about the:

  • Relevance and growth of GenAI tools in the Capital Markets scene today
  • Key use cases within Capital Markets that take advantage of the power of LLMs to process unstructured data
  • Importance of Vector databases in this data architecture
  • Understanding the technology offering from KX
  • Data architecture considerations that every company in the Capital Markets must review

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