Maximizing the Value of Containers with Freedom of Choice

While containers provide a lot of flexibility, developers and IT leaders need to be very clear about their benefits and limitations. Read more.

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To fully appreciate where and how containers fit into the overall picture of enterprise infrastructure, one must go back to the beginning and understand not just where containers came from, but where they are heading next.
Many IT organizations have found that when it comes it deploying microservices, containers are the way to go. The challenge comes with implementing the proper management and orchestration framework.
Containers make it easier to build applications, but they can also make managing IT operations more complex. Organizations must bridge this gap to reap the agility and elasticity benefits that containers can offer.
Application delivery in today’s IT environment requires balancing robustness with speed and agility. Containerization can provide this balance.
Moving workloads between cloud platforms in a multi-cloud environment promises to unlock greater efficiency and value.

About the blog series

  • Containers Power Agility and Scalability for Enterprise Apps

    Many organizations are adopting containers to expand capabilities without having to reinvest in new hardware. But containers can only meet expected promises if deployed and managed properly.

    This blog series focuses on how containers are impacting enterprises. It illustrates the different scenarios where containers are being used; identifies common mistakes to avoid; and discusses best practices around container adoption.

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