Special Report: How In-Memory Technologies and Machine Learning Catalyze Innovation

When companies cannot effectively process streaming data, many critical events go unnoticed or are spotted too late for timely action. Learn how using modern technologies to process event-streaming IoT data can help companies gain real value from their data assets.

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Learn how to build and run distributed streaming pipelines to transform, enhance, and aggregate streaming data.
An overview of Hazelcast Jet, and how it is used at some of the world’s leading banks and credit card providers.
Learn about in-memory distributed processing for big data with Hazelcast Jet®.
White Paper
An introduction for software architects and developers to the domain of stream processing including use cases, building blocks of a stream processing solution, and more.
White Paper
Gain clear insights into the role steaming data plays in your organization, and what you need to do to harness this in order to succeed.
Real-time streaming for some applications means retail banks need to architect their systems on the assumption that both batch and stream processing will be working together. Learn more.
Analyst Report
Event stream processing continues to play an increasingly important role in today’s data architectures. Learn three approaches from Gartner that should fit into your data strategy.
Analyst Report
While businesses today are still in the early stages of edge computing, the expectation is that there will be significant adoption in the next two years. Learn about the drivers, twelve categories of edge use cases, and the challenges of edge computing deployments.

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Hazelcast delivers the System of Now™, an in-memory computing platform that empowers Global 2000 enterprises to deliver innovative, low-latency, data-centric applications. Built for ultra-fast processing at extreme scale, Hazelcast’s cloud-native in-memory data grid and event stream processing technologies are trusted by leading companies such as J.P. Morgan Chase, Charter Communications, Ellie Mae, UBS and National Australia Bank to accelerate business-critical applications.

Hazelcast is headquartered in San Mateo, CA, with offices across the globe. To learn more about Hazelcast, visit https://hazelcast.com.