How Generative AI Improves Aker BP’s Data Management Practices

To make data-driven decisions, industries need data they can rely on. For decades industries have grappled with unreliable data, due to outdated processes and unreliable data sources. 

How is AkerBP using generative AI to be on a path to becoming the world’s first data driven E&P company?

Join the on-demand webinar sponsored by our partner, Cognite, as we dive into how generative AI is transforming Aker BP’s future. Witness how generative AI is:

  • Shaping their data landscape: Discover the current stage of their data transformation and their vision for the future.
  • Use cases: See how Aker BP leverages Cognite’s industrial data ops and generative AI capabilities to tackle real-world challenges.
  • Unifying data across the board: Learn how they achieve overall alignment of data. 
  • Conquering data management hurdles: Explore the specific generative AI features that empower Aker BP to overcome data challenges.
  • See it in action: See a live demo showcasing how LLMs extract document data and generate a data model.
  • Kay takeaways: Gain valuable insights from Aker BP’s experience and key takeaways from their AI journey.

And much more! Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights into the potential of generative AI.  

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