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In this week’s real-time analytics news: In separate announcements, HPE and Deloitte teamed with NVIDIA on new AI efforts.

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and NVIDIA announced NVIDIA AI Computing by HPE, a portfolio of co-developed AI solutions and joint go-to-market integrations that enable enterprises to accelerate the adoption of generative AI. Among the portfolio’s key offerings is HPE Private Cloud AI, a solution that provides the deepest integration to date of NVIDIA AI computing, networking, and software with HPE’s AI storage, compute, and the HPE GreenLake cloud.

Deloitte announced a collaboration that brings together Deloitte’s deep industry knowledge, AI, and technology capabilities with the newly revealed NVIDIA AI Computing by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) solution portfolio. The solution features HPE Private Cloud AI, a turnkey full-stack private cloud co-developed by HPE and NVIDIA, which will help Deloitte’s clients accelerate time to value through the co-development of industry-focused Generative AI applications and use cases.

Deloitte’s first industry-specific use case through this collaboration is a digital twin application built on the NVIDIA Omniverse platform and HPE GreenLake. It uses Deloitte’s rapid use case development methodology and accelerators to help manufacturing organizations at all stages of digital maturity extract and manage the data needed to pioneer, engineer, and deploy manufacturing simulations.

Boomi, along with Connor Group, a specialized professional services firm, in association with professors David Wood (Brigham Young University Marriott School), Scott Emett (Arizona State University W.P. Carey School of Business), and Marc Eulerich (University of Duisberg-Essen) Mercator School of Management), announced the Enterprise GenAI Governance Framework, an enterprise risk framework for generative artificial intelligence (GenAI).  

Built via collaboration with over 1,000 business leaders, academics, and industry bodies, the Enterprise GenAI Governance Framework provides a detailed guide and comprehensive methodology for organizations of all sizes to assess their AI readiness, identify and manage enterprise risks associated with GenAI technologies, and move into responsible GenAI adoption. The framework can be easily customized to align with a company’s unique objectives, needs, and risk appetite, and empowers those responsible for risk management and governance — such as Internal Audit, IT/CISO, Legal, and Audit Committees — to identify, evaluate, and proactively address high-priority exposures.

Other real-time analytics news in brief

Actian, the data and analytics division of HCLSoftware, announced the launch of Actian Zen 16.0, the newest version of its embedded database. To help businesses run faster, smarter applications on the edge, Zen 16.0 is designed for real-time data processing across mobile, IoT devices, edge gateways, and complex machinery.

Altair announced that Altair One, Altair’s cloud gateway, is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace. The integration of Altair One with the Google Cloud Marketplace empowers Google Cloud users and will fuel engineering breakthroughs powered by Google Cloud’s adaptable, flexible, and scalable cloud infrastructure.

Automation Anywhere announced its new AI + Automation Enterprise System, which includes AI Agent Studio and Automator AI, enabling democratized AI agent creation, rapid automation development, and faster time to value with automation and AI. Included below is a high-level overview of the all-new offerings. Additional features of the all-new AI System include a comprehensive set of AI products and capabilities to accelerate the automation development lifecycle, an enhanced automation Co-Pilot for automators, and a new Generative Recorder. announced the launch of Infoworks AI. The new solution leverages advanced AI technology and Infoworks’ data engineering automation technology to streamline data exploration, data preparation, and data integration for analytics and AI applications.

Next DLP (“Next”) announced the launch of Secure Data Flow, a capability within the Reveal Platform that uses the “What, Where, Who, and How” of data’s origin, movements, and modifications to provide protection. Secure Data Flow overcomes the limitations and complexities of legacy Data Loss Prevention (DLP) by complementing traditional content and sensitivity classification-based approaches with origin-based data identification, manipulation detection, and data egress controls.

Oracle announced new AI innovations in the latest release of the Oracle APEX low-code development platform. Oracle APEX is a fully supported, no-cost feature of Oracle Database and all Oracle Database services, including Oracle Autonomous Database. The new APEX AI Assistant simplifies application development and helps developers quickly build feature-rich, mission-critical applications at scale.

In other Oracle news, the company announced that Oracle Autonomous Database is now generally available on Oracle Database@Azure in the Microsoft Azure East U.S. region. Oracle Autonomous Database provides a fully automated and managed Oracle Database service that is integrated with the Azure portal and APIs.

Precisely announced that it has expanded its partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) through collaboration on the new AWS Mainframe Modernization Application Testing feature. The new feature of the AWS Mainframe Modernization service leverages Precisely Connect to simplify and accelerate the application testing process in the AWS Cloud, helping customers reduce risk, save development time, and quickly modernize mainframe applications.

Reltio announced significant upgrades to its Connected Data Platform, designed to improve speed, performance, and ease of use for data stewards. Specifically, the new features include new audience segmentation and activation capabilities within the Reltio Customer 360 Data Product; new industry-specific, pre-built velocity packs for supply chain organizations and product inventory managers; and data management for business-critical applications.

SUSE announced new capabilities across its Linux, cloud-native, and edge portfolio of enterprise infrastructure solutions to help unlock the infinite potential of open source in enterprises. Specifically, the company announced enhancements to SUSE’s enterprise container-related solutions with Rancher Prime 3.1, NeuVector Prime 5.4, and Harvester 1.3.1. It also announced new capabilities for accelerating innovation at the edge through SUSE Adaptive Telco Infrastructure Platform 3.0 and SUSE Edge 3.0

In other SUSE news, the company announced that it has acquired StackState. StackState will bring additional observability functionality to SUSE’s Rancher container management offering. As containers become more and more widespread within development, and as applications become more and more complex, customers will use SUSE’s Rancher + StackState to quickly identify and remediate issues within their containerized cloud-based environments.

TensorOpera has partnered with Aethir to accelerate its newest foundation model, TensorOpera Fox-1. The partnership with Aethir equips TensorOpera with advanced GPU resources necessary for training Fox-1. With the support of Aethir’s decentralized cloud infrastructure, TensorOpera obtains the necessary tools for facilitating streamlined AI development that requires high network bandwidth and ample amounts of GPU power.

TIBCO, a business unit of Cloud Software Group, Inc., announced the availability of the new TIBCO Platform, a next-generation composable data platform that brings together TIBCO solutions into a single, unified experience. The new platform simplifies how users build, deploy, and manage TIBCO solutions, enabling faster delivery of broad and complex digital initiatives. The platform will be available in a new, simplified TIBCO Platform subscription. Additionally, the TIBCO Platform provides a reimagined developer experience designed to accelerate application development.

Trustwise announced the official launch and release of its Optimize: a product. Trustwise Optimize:ai is a generative AI application performance and risk management solution that provides developers with an API to eliminate risks and reduce the growing costs associated with deploying large language models (LLMs). By rigorously red-teaming and optimizing generative AI workloads using its advanced APIs, datasets, and AI safety and alignment controls, Trustwise safeguards enterprises from potential AI failures and high costs.

WalkMe announced the launch of WalkMeX, a copilot with the context to meet every user with the next best action for any workflow across any application. WalkMeX amplifies WalkMe’s mission to bridge the gap between humans and technology with “AI that everyone gets.” Unlike other AI tools limited to specific applications and requiring extensive user input, WalkMeX uses its deep contextual understanding to proactively assist users right at the moment of need, suggesting the next best actions across any application and workflow.

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