Real-time Location Intelligence

Analyzing Sensor Data in Real-Time

stream processing

In this webinar, RTInsights Industry Editor Joe McKendrick and Kinetica President Amit Vij discuss various techniques and technologies used for real-time analysis of sensor data and common use cases for real-time sensor data analysis. Read More

Enabling Financial Services Real-time Time-Series Analytics

Fraud detection, wealth management, regulatory compliance, and portfolio optimization are among the many financial services disciplines that improve when services in these areas are delivered in real time. To accomplish this requires real-time time-series analysis. Read More

Booming Data Volumes and Velocities Require Vectorized Databases for Real-Time Analytics

vectorized databases

Vectorized databases can help companies derive actionable insights from their data streams in a time frame to take immediate actions as events occur. Read More

The Rise of Real-time Location Intelligence (Interview)

Learn why early adopters are fusing and analyzing their massive geospatial and time-series data in real-time to support new application areas. Read Now

Critical Capabilities for Real-time Location Intelligence (Special Report)

Sensors have evolved from taking readings over time to taking readings over space and time. Understanding this trend and the resulting impacts are essential for innovators seeking to create value in the next wave of IoT products and services. Read now

Vectorization: The New Era of Big Data Parallelism (White Paper)

Vectorization is the newest breakthrough gaining momentum towards widespread adoption. Learn why early adopters are using fully vectorized databases to foster new applications and reap lower costs in this white paper. Download now

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