Creating Business Value with the IoT Video Series

Using Intelligent Gateways for IoT Applications (Part 1)

In this video, Ken Johnson, Senior Director of Product Management at Red Hat, explains the benefits of a scalable, application-centric strategy for IoT projects.

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Making the Business Case for Investing Now

Think Evolution, Not Revolution, for IoT Applications

Why An Agile IoT Strategy Needs Business Rules

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Red Hat’s Ken Johnson, Senior Director of Product Management, discusses the emerging de facto standard of a three-tier architecture for scalable IoT projects, and the importance of planning for scale from the beginning of an IoT project.
In Part 2, Ken Johnson, Senior Director of Product Management at Red Hat, provides a detailed overview of Red Hat’s Intelligent Gateway and discusses its role as an abstraction layer between IoT devices and the datacenter.
A 5-part series with Red Hat’s Ken Johnson and Mike Piech about how business value can be created with the IoT.
Topics include tips on IoT architecture, reducing costs, and leveraging existing knowledge and skills for IoT projects.
White Paper
Learn how to deploy effective IIoT architecture and security measures to avoid operational downtime, significant revenue loss, and more.
White Paper
A look at a new architecture for accommodating edge and cloud computing to support IoT solutions.
White Paper
The business advantages of a converged OT/IT intelligent systems architecture, as well as guidelines for implementation.
RTInsights surveyed over 250 IT decision makers to better understand the relationship between open source software and IoT solution development.
Learn how smart transportation systems with enhanced automation can improve the performance and security of rail systems.
IDC InfoBrief
An IDC survey of 300 IoT early adopters reveals trends around IT and line-of-business collaboration and successful practices around planning, managing, and measuring IoT deployments.
What an agile integration approach to architecting end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) solutions means and the three key capabilities needed for it.
A look at some key considerations when planning to invest in an IoT project. By Carrie MacGillivray, Vice President, IoT & Mobility, IDC.
How innovation happens when industry leaders collaborate to make their customers successful. By Red Hat Chief Architect for IoT and member James Kirkland.
Solution Brief
The benefits and key components and features of Red Hat’s joint solution with Cloudera and Eurotech.

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