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Today’s CIO must enable digital business transformation opportunities. This includes integrating new technologies and the processes to support them, from cloud computing to IoT sensors, to analytics and streaming customer data, all while keeping costs fixed. How do you help CIOs facing these challenges?


Adrian: Hi, I’m Adrian Bowles with RTInsights and Storm Insights. We conduct ongoing research into the opportunities and challenges presented by new technologies, and the day to day issues facing CIOs, as they attempt to get the most out of their technology investments.

In this series we ask executives of emerging and innovative technology firms how they address specific issues that today’s CIOs struggle with everyday. Today’s guest is the CEO and co-founder of Rocana.

Most CIOs run a few dozen major applications at a minimum and have to support several different hardware platforms. CIOs often default to using the monitoring tools that are provided by each of the vendors. That can lead to siloed solutions and even siloed skill sets. Omer, can Rocana help improve visibility for a CIO in this kind of a mixed environment? Can you actually show a positive ROI with a monitoring solution?

Omer: The ROI for Rocana is actually very clear. This is the most fascinating part. If you look at how monitoring and ops in general has been provisioned in an IT environment that’s grown over the years, most IT environments are actually over provisioned for monitoring and operations. They’ve spent too much money deploying too much infrastructure, monitoring the same small slice, and getting the same data points, but from different perspectives.

You end up with this scenario where they’re spending a lot of money to look at maybe five percent of the most critical infrastructure that’s always been critical. They’re spending zero dollars and zero attention on ninety-five percent of the infrastructure where a lot of these problems that catch them by surprise end up brewing. It ends up being the port on the switch that happens to route a critical message in order to make a shopping cart display.

Those are the kinds of things that catch people by surprise that reduce IT efficiency.

The default is for a CIO to think, well, I got to spend whatever I’m spending on five percent of my data, I have to spend twenty x that in order to monitor everything. The truth is, if you look at what Rocana offers and how people are running our software, they’re actually scaling back the monitoring that they’re doing, realizing that they’re over provisioned.

They’re probably looking at too much data in too many systems that’s the same exact data set. They’re saying, okay, let’s scale that back to what we know is actually critical, and apply Rocana, which is finally a full scale, full stack monitoring solution to catch the ninety-five percent, or today we have zero visibility.

We have one customer actually that ended up saving money with that approach. They are net getting more visibility and spending fewer dollars across all of their monitoring and operations because they’re deploying Rocana.

Adrian: For more information on Rocana, please visit their website at Rocana.com. To see more videos in this series, please visit RTInsights.com.

To learn more, visit www.rocana.com or write to [email protected].

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