A Look at Presto and Ahana Cloud for Presto

The performance of today’s demanding analytics workloads is often limited by the database architecture and other factors. Increasingly, businesses are turning to Presto, a high-performance, distributed SQL query engine that lets users query a variety of data sources such as Hadoop, AWS S3, MySQL, Kafka, MongoDB, and more. Read more.

The Case for Ahana Cloud for Presto

RTInsights recently sat down with Asif Kazi, Principal Solutions Engineer at Ahana, where we discussed the various Presto deployment options, their differences, and why many are turning to managed services like Ahana Cloud for Presto. Read more.

How Uber Uses Data and Analytics (Case Study)

Everyone knows Uber as a shared service for point-to-point transportation, but not everyone knows Uber as a data and analytics company. Learn how Uber is using Presto in this technical case study. Read more.