Build Streaming Data Applications in Minutes, Not Months

Driven by real-time data, streaming data applications help organizations evolve from analytics to automation. They provide complete visibility into entire operational environments and run immediate business logic on fresh data to facilitate real-time action.

In partnership with Nstream, find the resources you need to build streaming data applications at a faster time to value.

Why Streaming Data Applications Matter

Unlike traditional analytics, streaming apps analyze static, historical data, and dynamic, real-time data from various sources, where the dynamic data may be continuously streamed from assets, equipment, devices, sensors,or other sources. Here’s what you need to know. Download Now

A Different Way of Thinking About Streaming Data Applications

In this insightful webinar, Jeremy Custenborder, principle systems engineer with Nstream, joins RTInsights host Joe McKendrick to discuss a new, simple way to build streaming applications. Watch Now

Streaming Data, Digital Twins, and Overcoming the Tyranny of Averages

streaming data and digital twins

Businesses have long used analytics to help make decisions and take actions. The insights gleaned from the analytics were based on historical data and the laws of average. Increasingly, businesses need more to be competitive. They need real-time insights put into context and the ability to highly personalize the actions they take. Read Now

What’s the Difference Between Streaming Data Applications and Data-in-Motion?

Chris Sachs, Founder and CTO at Nstream discusses why streaming data is so important to businesses today. Topics include how streaming applications are different than what is traditionally considered data-in-motion apps, the challenges and benefits of making use of streaming data, and common use cases for streaming apps. Read More

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