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The ability to monitor suspicious activity and price limits in real time is crucial for financial service industries.

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Gartner’s Perspective on Industrial Analytics as the Next Frontiers

Gartner’s Perspective on Industrial Analytics as the Next Frontier.

Differences between Traditional Internet and the Internet of Things (IoT)

A summary of the main differences between the two.

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By 2017 over half of all analytics implementations may use real time data streams (Gartner, 2013).

he Internet of Things (IoT) Meets Real-Time Data Analytics

New opportunities for businesses to leverage real-time data in strategic ways, for real ROI.

Urgency of Present and Past in IoT Analytics

Information flowing from the industrial IoT requires in-the-moment understanding of what’s important and why.

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Becoming an “Always On” Smart Business

Industry analyst Mike Ferguson shares the formula of what it means to be an “always on” smart business and what’s needed to become one.