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Industrial IoT Data Collection & Analysis (eBook)

Industrial IoT Data Collection & Analysis for Real-Time Decision-Making and Predictive Maintenance

Across many industries—including manufacturing, oil and gas, utilities, and telecommunications—downtime is expensive. Operating costs can grow as staff and machinery sit idly by, and revenues may drop as services and products are not delivered.

Traditional approaches of waiting for something to go wrong are bad for business, whereas getting in front of potential problems saves time and money and makes life easier for customers. It also opens up new business potential, such as offering capabilities as a service, rather than selling equipment to customers.

As a result, companies today have a great need for real-time decisions and proactive, predictive maintenance. What does that move look like and what are the requirements?

In this eBook, “Industrial IoT Data Collection & Analysis for Real-Time Decision-Making and Predictive Maintenance,” sponsored by MemSQL, you’ll learn:

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  • The three main challenges in moving to operational analytics
  • The critical elements in an operational analytics architecture
  • Real use cases and MemSQL’s role in the modern analytics platform

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