Container Technology Comes of Age at the Intelligent Edge

Digital Transformation is real. It’s happening. In fact, 68% of publicly traded companies report progress on digital transformation during their quarterly filings. And as Gartner predicts, more than 50% of all enterprise-generated data will be created and processed at the edge by 2022, and the intelligent edge is increasingly becoming a critical part of this digital story. Read more.

DevSecOps: Essential Path for Intelligent Edge Systems

Edge computing has been one of the key drivers propelling new use cases off the drawing board and onto the field — from design to prototype to series A funding. Read more.

Using Automation to Get Autonomous Systems to the Next Level

RTInsights recently sat down with Matt Jones, VP and Chief Systems Architect at Wind River, to discuss the challenges of autonomous systems and ways to automate development to meet safety requirements and customer expectations. Read more.

Using DevOps to Address Embedded Software Challenges

A perfect storm is brewing for embedded device software development. Embedded devices are proliferating, particularly as new connectivity options, such as 5G, make innovative connected device applications possible, and their use is expanding, taking advantage of new analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities. At the same time Read more.