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The Value of Making Mainframe Data Accessible in Modern Businesses

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In this Q&A, we discuss why there is such a great need today for access to data on the mainframe, how traditional methods of proving this access sometimes fall short, how StreamSets can help, and the benefits that can be realized once such access is available. Read now

Beyond Mainframe Data Access: The Need for Smart Data Pipelines

For years, access to mainframe data was a tightly controlled operation. Here’s how modern solutions, such as StreamSets Mainframe Collector, remove the obstacles. Read Now

Unleashing the Value of Mainframe Data for Use in Modern Analytics Pipelines

There is great value to be gained if data on the mainframe can be made accessible to modern cloud-native, cloud analytic platforms. Read Now

Unlocking Mainframe Data to Fuel Business Transformation

Mainframe Data Access Use Cases

Accessing mainframe data can be a tedious, slow, and complex process as Line of Business Analysts often have to submit requests that go through central IT teams and ultimately land with the mainframe operators. Learn how StreamSets solutions help break down organizational and technology barriers to make it available. Read Now

Do more with StreamSets Mainframe Collector

Many large enterprises continue to rely on mainframes for strategic parts of their operations because of their unmatched throughput, security and resiliency. But getting direct access to valuable data can be a real challenge, impacting many strategic business initiatives that could benefit from using data on the mainframe for analytics, insights and reports. Projects may be slowed down and reports out of date as data request submissions back up. Worse yet, the data is often bypassed altogether.

For enterprises embracing mainframe modernization and looking for an easy, secure, and cost effective way to provide their data to those who would benefit from it, StreamSets offers Mainframe Collector. It is the easiest and most efficient way to access data while adhering to your mainframe security framework (no changes necessary). Best of all, data is presented to consumers in a relational format that can be easily queried with SQL without impacting performance.

Using StreamSets, IT organizations are able to keep up and stay on top of the data access requests. Lines of business data consumers can pursue their data & analytics initiatives at scale and speed. Mainframe operators and security professionals can focus on operational uptime and broader security programs. Budgets are not broken.

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