Becoming an ‘Always On’ Smart Business

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In this new report, industry analyst Mike Ferguson shares the formula of what it means to be an “always on” smart business, why it’s critical for competitive advantage and what’s needed to become one.

Business intelligence has reached maturity in the enterprise, with systems generating data to support both strategic and tactical decision making across the many different departments within a company. The problem is that insights are largely historical in nature, showing only what has happened in the past. What businesses really need are insights into what is happening “right now”.

Companies want to be able to analyze any type of data, deploy predictive and prescriptive analytics, and get it done in real-time. They want to do this plus have these deeper insights continuously available to employees to help them optimize business operations and make better business decisions. To do this, a business must meet the challenge of becoming an “always on” smart business.

In this analyst report from Intelligent Business Strategies, you’ll learn what an “always on” smart business is, why you need to become one to be competitive, and the four crucial characteristics of a smart business:

  • Continuous Personalized Customer Engagement
  • Continuous Optimization Of Business Operations
  • Continuous Risk Management
  • Continuous Dynamic Resource Planning & Financial Management

You’ll also learn why you need these resources to make your business a smart business:

  • Multilevel Business Optimization
  • Data Connectivity
  • Streaming Analytics for Continued Optimization
  • Combining Descriptive, Predictive AND Prescriptive Analytics
  • Embedded BI

Read this report for more on why your business needs to be smart, what you need to get there and how to smoothly transition. You’ll learn about the many tools available to you and get examples of smart businesses in action. This valuable report, proudly brought to you by Datawatch, can help you reach new levels of success as an “always on” smart business. Register to download now!

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