Building a Smarter Interface: The Rise of Event-Enabled APIs (Free Webinar)

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APIs are driving a great deal of innovation. Are evented APIs the next step to boost that growth?

Strongly influenced by microservices and analytics, digital transformation is spawning a new class of applications and APIs with more sophisticated, event-enabled capabilities.

What is an API? When you use an application, it connects and sends data to a server. The server retrieves, interprets, and performs the necessary actions on the requested data and sends it back to the user. The application then interprets that data and presents you with the information you wanted in a readable way. All of this happens via API.

APIs have become mission-critical for many enterprises. But APIs using only request-response systems limit integrations to those where the two systems know what they want from each other at all times. The “caller” must script the interaction and the APIs simply follow along.

So when we consider rented APIs, consider that events indicate something has happened. In this they differ from the request-response interaction style of APIs. Event-based systems are declarative whereas request-response systems are interrogatory. The difference between events (“this happened”) and requests (“will you do this?”) offers benefits in a looser coupling of components as well as semantic encapsulation.

In this webinar, join Mark O’Neill, Research Director at Gartner Inc., and Ed Julson, Senior Marketing Manager at TIBCO Software Inc., as they explore:

  • What an evented API is, and how it works
  • Examples and use cases for evented APIs
  • Challenges to consider in evented API design

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