Enabling Real-Time Action with Stream Processing

Stream processing allows businesses to take action on the constant flow of real-time data. In turn, that lets them shift their strategies and operations toward real-time responsiveness to deliver better customer experiences and handle disruptive fluctuations.

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The Need for Stream Processing and Real-Time Action

With stream processing taking action on the constant flow of real-time data, enterprise architects and senior technical leadership can shift their strategies and operations toward real-time responsiveness to deliver better outcomes. Download Now

Making Real-Time Responsiveness Fit into Your IT Architecture

Real-time responsiveness is not only about speed. It’s also about having systems that are prepared to do something when data reveals an opportunity. You’ve invested in faster infrastructure, but can it respond immediately to signals in your data? Learn how you can do more with your real-time data in this webinar. Watch Now

Using Stream Processing to Enact Real-Time Action

stream processing

By automating how organizations process real-time data in just a few milliseconds, stream processing removes human bottlenecks like batch processing to help architects and leaders deliver better customer experiences, move faster against their competition, and free their talented people to dream up new valuable use cases for the data they already collect. Read More

Futureproofing Your Architecture for Payments Fraud Detection

In this webinar, you’ll learn about the challenge of contending with new emerging, sophisticated fraudulent activities and how the use of machine learning (ML) has emerged as a key strategy to reduce the rate of prediction errors. Watch Now

The Role of Stream Processing in Financial Services

stream processing in financial services

Stream processing is transforming how the most ambitious financial services companies serve customers and how they operate in complex, always-changing environments. Read More

Additional stream processing examples by industry:

Healthcare Use Cases for Stream Processing

Retailers Gain Edge with Stream Processing

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