Gartner Report: Moving Analytics to Real Time


How much speed does your business need?

Businesses mean different things when they say they need “real-time analytics.” It could mean they need to present a next-best offer to a customer, determine if a credit card transaction is valid, or immediately re-book customers whose flights are delayed.

But it can also mean running analysis against historical data to get an answer in real-time.

In this special report from Gartner by Roy Schulte, you will learn:

  • Different ways of thinking about real-time analytics.
  • How to match the speed of analytics to the business decision.
  • The difference between automated, operational, tactical, and strategic decisions, and where real-time decisions can be made.

Fill out the form to access the report. To learn more about contemporary analytics approaches, registration for the Gartner Data and Analytics Summit 2017, March 6 – 9, in Grapevine, TX is now open.

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