Analytics 3.0: Merging Big Data and Business Intelligence (report)

big data and business intelligence

Why a modern analytics approach involves fast data and fast intelligence.

Businesses want answers to complex questions quickly. But to accomplish that, the right information needs to be in the hands of the appropriate decision-maker at the right time.

That poses complexities for analytics software, because the total time to find, access, collect, process, and analyze data can take a long time. Business users also need effective visualizations to guide decisions.

All along the way, however, a business must constantly innovate with data to find new means of analysis.

In this special report from TDWI, “Data Driven Analytics: Knowing What You Don’t Know,” you will learn:

  • Advice from Deloitte Analytics on data innovation, using an Analytics 3.0 method that combines traditional business intelligence tools with big data platforms.
  • Why self-service analytics platforms are veering towards an “empowered UX” that can easily access and integrate data from structured and unstructured sources.
  • The benefits of ZoomData’s time-to-analytics approach, to shorten the cycle of effective decisions.

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