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Tackling API-Led Integration in a Multi-Cloud World (Free Webinar)


Learn more about your firm’s cloud integration strategy for its API-driven business lines with O’Reilly’s latest webinar.

Digital transformation is happening all around us. In this new digital era, app developers must connect a dizzying number of data sources and clients spread across various delivery models.

Collating the data in this fast-paced world means the usual centralized approach of integration doesn’t work now. Instead, distributed architecture — enabling the building of microservices that can then be deployed anywhere, be it public cloud, private cloud, or on-premises to best satisfy your clients’ use cases — is critical, from governance and security to latency and locality.

TIBCO is giving you the opportunity to check out O’Reilly’s webinar, “API-led Integration in a Multi-cloud World,” where you can explore:

  • Weighing a distributed integration architecture against a traditional ESB
  • How to build for a multi-cloud world and leverage pre-existing code, projects, and assets
  • Planning for IoT and edge-native integration as part of the transformational process
  • The concept of “APIs around everything”—and “everything around APIs”

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