The What and Why of iPaaS for Modern Businesses (eBook)

This eBook explains what business stakeholders should know about iPaaS and how you can fully modernize your business’s IT strategy with iPaaS. It starts by defining iPaaS and outlining its core areas of functionality. It then walks through the four key business advantages that an iPaaS is uniquely positioned to offer. Download now

Three Myths of Modern Integration (White Paper)

To meet the new needs of the modern IT landscape, a new class of integration technology has emerged that is low-code, cloud-native, and supports change across the full software lifecycle. Learn more

Unlocking Rapid and Low-Risk Cloud and SAP Migrations (Special Report)

In this special report, you’ll learn about what the modern way of systems integration means for businesses, including what’s driving application modernization and cloud migration, the role of Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), what SAP 4/HANA cloud migration looks like, and Digibee’s hybrid integration platform. Download now