Unlocking Rapid and Low-Risk Cloud and SAP Migrations (Special Report)

In this special report, you’ll learn about what the modern way of systems integration means for businesses, including what’s driving application modernization and cloud migration, the role of Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), what SAP 4/HANA cloud migration looks like, and Digibee’s hybrid integration platform.


Companies today must move at the speed of modern business. They need the ability to quickly scale operations and react to meet evolving market conditions and changing customer preferences and expectations. The challenge is that the inflexibility of legacy systems and monolithic applications make it hard to create new applications based on their data and services. And those outdated monolithic applications and systems do not lend themselves to the quick changes, updates, and enhancements needed to compete in today’s fast moving business environment.

Additionally, businesses are beginning to realize how difficult it is to work with multiple systems at one time. To make things easier on staff and benefit the company overall, businesses are looking to data integration platforms to help streamline processes, reduce costs, and ensure efficiency. Globally, the market for integration systems is on the rise and is expected to grow 11.7% by 2025.

As such, the path to modernization is to move to the cloud. Specifically, they need cloud-based systems that integrate disparate systems and provide easy access data, allowing new applications and innovation to abound. This, in turn, allows for the creation of new products and services to emerge with low risk and reduced cost, boosting revenue with the same size teams.

Migrating to the cloud allows businesses to reap all of the benefits that the traditional cloud platform has to offer. There are no upfront CapEx costs, operations can move to an OpEx model, and the managed aspects of many cloud services relieve IT staff of performing the mundane but necessary chores associated with security, data protection, high-availability, and performance optimization.

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