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Utilities at the Edge: Intelligent Management through Strategic Modernization (White Paper)

As electric utility leaders look for new ways to optimize operations and management in the evolving energy market, many are using Edge and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to turn enormous volumes of data into actionable intelligence.

Utility companies have implemented millions of smart meters, generating significant amounts of data that must be harvested to offer insight into energy consumption and demand. Deregulation continues to open the door for new, non-traditional competitors, especially in the European market. At the same time, consumers are becoming prosumers with expanding energy options and the ability to produce electricity from distributed energy resources and microgrid technology. As a result, managing energy on the grid has become increasingly complex, necessitating more efficient solutions to manage peak demand and maintain reliability.

To move forward their digital transformation, utility companies are deploying Edge and IoT devices to manage and monitor electricity at a higher level of granularity than in the past. Importantly, they also need a modern distributed architecture and analytics capabilities to take full advantage of the data collected to deliver realtime insights that meet changing business demands.

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