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An Enterprise Guide to a Secure Data Science Pipeline


According to Gartner research, 60% of IT organizations have an open-source software (OSS) policy of some kind. However, there’s a real gap between having a policy and actually instituting a program to ensure best practices and compliance with that policy.

To reap the benefits of OSS with the lowest possible risk, data science teams must actively manage their organization’s use of OSS to keep up with patches, updates, and vulnerabilities.

In this guide, “An Enterprise Guide to a Secure Data Science Pipeline,” sponsored by Anaconda and promoted by RTInsights, you’ll learn:

  • Why organizations choose OSS solutions and what issues they should be aware of
  • How an OSS governance program addresses those issues
  • How to implement an OSS governance program that works for data science
  • How enforcing security standards prepares data science for production

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