Center for Cognitive Computing

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AI’s Steady Advance in Real-Time Decisions

AI has made great strides in its abilities to make real-time decisions, but there’s a lot that technology’s star student still needs to learn.

5 Industries Where All Employees Will Be Customer Service Agents

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will become integral to customer service.

How Cognitive Computing Improves Customer Satisfaction and Call Center Agent Retention

Cognitive computing systems can guide agents to provide a better customer experience.

Cognitive Computing: An Antidote for the Data-Intensive, Time-Crunched Age

When it comes to the future, two things are certain: Data will only grow, and business professionals will only feel they have less time.

Cognitive Computing is Awesome… But Upper Management Needs Convincing

Early results are positive, but execs are taking their time.

Are You Doing True Prescriptive Analytics?

Here are the five ways in which today’s data-driven chief analytics officers (CAOs) deploy game-changing prescriptive analytics tools.

AI in the Enterprise: A Necessary Risk?

In 2018, expect the conversation around AI to shift to the enterprise, who will adopt AI as a means to enhance employee experience and remain agile.

How Cognitive Computing Systems Learn—and Unlearn

Businesses need a plan for when intelligent systems learn inunexpected ways, since cognitive computing systems do sometimes learn in ways theirdesigners didn’t plan.