E-Book: How to Move to a Fast Data Architecture

fast data architecture

Data has little value without the right architecture, use case, and analytics capabilities in place.

The growth of data, such as from IoT sensors, will open new opportunities for businesses, but only if the right fast data architectures and analytics solutions are in place.

In this 48-page e-book, “Fast Data and the New Enterprise Data Architecture,” Scott Jarr, co-founder and chief strategy officer of VoltDB, shows how enterprises can move to new data architectures to take advantage of fast data as well as data at rest. And it’s not all about stream processing, Jarr argues. In this e-book, also published by O’Reilly Media, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Components of enterprise data architectures, and where business intelligence, exploratory analytics, and real-time analytics fit in;
  • How to integrate fast data into enterprise architectures, and requirements for fast-data systems;
  • Uses of fast data systems in various industries, including capital markets, telecommunications, the consumer web, marketing, the industrial Internet, the IoT, and the energy industry;
  • Differences in fast-data systems, including fast OLAP systems; stream processing systems; and fast operational database systems.

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