Glassbeam to Integrate Apache Kafka into Its Industrial IoT Analytics Platform


Organizations will be able to develop and deploy Apache Kafka applications without the need to lock in their data with Glassbeam.

Machine data analytics provider Glassbeam, Inc. announced it is upgrading its IIoT analytics platform with the addition of Apache Kafka integration to provide an open source stream processing model. The upgrade will allow organizations to develop and deploy custom machine data analytics apps without having to lock their data in with Glassbeam.

The company says it hopes the enhanced platform will help enterprises to decide whether to build their own platform or invest in a third party one. The platform’s Semiotic Parsing Language (SPL) provides a data transformation and preparation framework for complex machine data. With the addition of Apache Kafka, the platform will now allow customers to connect to any data store in addition to deploying the platform on-site.

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“Developers anywhere can now collect and enrich machine data from any source in their organization. With open access to our core platform, developers can use their existing enterprise apps, connectors, and tools to deploy Kafka-based parsed data quickly,” says Puneet Pandit, co-founder and CEO of Glassbeam. “With our open platform, organizations now have the complete freedom to build custom connected-machine applications with Glassbeam without the need to build their own data ingestion platform that may not fulfill their business objectives.”

According to the company’s announcement, key features include access to open standards, improved developer productivity, elimination of unnecessary data preparation burden, better focus on organizational core, and re-use of existing infrastructure investment.

The Glassbeam platform with the new integration with Apache Kafka is now available with Glassbeam 5.7 as an on-site managed service. The pricing varies and is based on retention periods and data processed per day.

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