Seven Out of Ten Americans Are Comfortable with Smart Home IoT


A new survey by Traqline also found that electrical products in the home are controlled with Alexa than by any other IoT product.

A new Traqline survey learned that Alexa controls more home electronic products than any other IoT product.

Consumers ranked smart TVs as the most popular smart product, followed by thermostats and home security cameras. Fifty-six percent of respondents said they are comfortable with IoT technology. Sixty-nine percent reported owning at least one smart product, and 35% said they have bought a smart product within the last six months.

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Smart Products by the Numbers

  • 68% percent said that price most influenced their purchases, followed by ease of use (50%) and security concerns (37%)
  • 40% use their smart products owned at least twice daily
  • 39% plan to buy a smart thermostat within the next six months
  • 44% plan to buy a home security camera
  • 61% cite ease of use and convenience as a driving factor for considering buying additional smart products
  • Alexa controls 66% of the electrical products category (plug outlets, switches, lamps, and bulbs), 54% of appliances, and 50% of security devices

Brennan Callahan, Traqline Director of National Accounts, says, “For those smart products owned, over 60% of the time consumers are extremely interested or very interested in buying another. This shows the value consumers place on the convenience of smart home products.”

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