Special Report: Why Companies Use Hadoop


A 55-page report on the state of enterprise Hadoop adoption, including vendors, use cases, and challenges.

Why do companies use Hadoop, and which distributions do they turn to?

A recent survey by DecisionWorx, in cooperation with the Bloor Group, set out to answer that question, looking at the state of Hadoop adoption in the enterprise.

Overall DecisionWorx found that Hadoop is still in the early stages of adoption, with 52 percent of businesses having less than two years of experience using the platform.

“Adopters early in their journey are lured by the perception of open source software as ‘free’ and low-cost to operate. However, these perceptions may change with organizational maturity and awareness of the value of working with a vendor that provides guidance, design and development services, and overall system support,” the report states.

In general, while businesses are attracted to Hadoop as open-source software with low costs, respondents to the survey stated that data ingestion, enterprise integration, application development, and integration within the data architecture are all seen as being challenging. “There are continuing opportunities for engaging new and recent Hadoop converts and providing them related products and services to guide application design, development, and most importantly, integration within the enterprise production environment,” the report states.

In this special report, sponsored by Zoomdata, you will also learn:

  • What factors businesses use to determine whether to work with a Hadoop vendor.
  • 17 Hadoop use cases businesses are targeting with Hadoop, and which are the most popular.
  • Organizational challenges to adopting Hadoop, including staffing, resources, and technical knowledge.
  • Which of nine commercial Hadoop distributions are being used by companies, and the specific reasons companies turn to commercial platforms.
  • Types of deployment environments and programming languages used by companies.

To download the report, “Hadoop in Transition: From Proof of Concept to Production,” please fill out the form.

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